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Skin Emergency Recommendations

Select the ailment below to obtain more information or to purchase the products directly.

If you cannot find your ailment here you may find it alphabetically in the blocks above. Over 80 different ailments referenced.


Aching Muscle or Joint Pain: Ginger teaZeroAche+OptiMegaOptiCalMagResque Mist

Acne: Face Facts Charcoal Soap BarFace Facts SpotlessFace Facts CreanserFace Facts MoisturiserSensi CrèmeResque CrèmeOptiMega; OptiDermOptiCZetoToxJasmine tea

Allergies: Jasmine teaRooibos teaOptiMegaResque ConcentrateResque MistGreen Rooibos Tea

Asthma: Green Rooibos teaResque MistOptiMegaOptiFlora

Black heads: Essense Skin DetoxEssense Liquid Skin Nutrition

Bladder infection: Buchu tea

Blood pressure – high/low: OptiMegaOptiCalMag

Concentration problems: Lifestyle Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry);  OptiMegaOptiFloraOptiCalm

Constipation, spastic colon: Senna teaMint teaJasmine teaOptiFloraOptiMega

Dead cells/Dull skin: Enzymatic ExfoliatorForever Young Q10 TherapyAnti-Ageing SerumOptiMegaEssense Skin Detox

Dehydration: Essense Miracle Tissue OilForever Young Revitalising Cream;  Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for dry skin

Dry Skin; Forever Young Revitalising CreamOptiMegaOptiViteOptiDerm

Dermatological treatments: Rooibos teaOptiMegaResque Crème

Dryness: Resque CrèmeLucid FreshenerAnti-Ageing SerumLucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry SkinForever Young Revitalising CreamOptiMegaOptiViteOptiDerm

Eczema: Resque CrèmeOptiMegaBaby Body Lotion;Baby 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body WashSensi CrèmeEssense Liquid Skin Nutrition

Enlarged pores: Forever Young Q10 TherapyForever Young Revitalising CreamForever Young Bo-SerumForever Young Youth Restoring Masque

Fatigue: OptiCOptiMegaOptiCalMagGinger teaResque Mist

Fever blisters: Resque CrèmeOptiBoostOptiCFace Facts SpotlessResque Concentrate

Flu and colds: OptiBoostOptiC;  Lifestyle Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry);  Resque MistZeroAche+

Freckles: Essense Derma Protect SPF 20Forever Young Q10 TherapyEssense Skin DetoxForever Young Bo-Serum;  Forever Young Eye Therapy;  Forever Young Youth Restoring Masque 

Hay fever or sinus: Resque MistOptiMegaResque Concentrate

Indigestion: Green Rooibos teaMint teaOptiFlora;  Melissa Leaf teaOptiCalMagJasmine tea

Itchy skin: Resque Crème Green Rooibos tea;  Essense Miracle Tissue OilOptiMega; OptiFloraSensi CrèmeEssense Liquid Skin NutritionResque Mist

Menopause, PMS, hormonal imbalance: OptiFloraOptiMegaOptiCalMagZeroToxJasmine teaCinnamon tea

Oiliness: Forever Young Q10Essense Skin DetoxOptiFloraFace Facts Charcoal Soap BarFace Facts Moisturiser 

Pigmentation marks: Essense Miracle Tissue OilBB CreamEssense Skin Detox 

Pimples: Face Facts Charcoal Soap BarFace Facts SpotlessFace Facts CleanserFace Facts MoisturiserOptiMegaOptiViteJasmine tea

Scarring: Essense Miracle Tissue OilOptiDermOptiMegaRooibos teaOptiCEssense Liquid Skin Nutrition

Sensitive: Sensi CrèmeResque CrèmeSensitiv Soothing MoisturiserOptiMegaOptiDerm

Stress or trauma: Jasmine teaOptiMegaOptiCalmOptiCalMagOptiVite

T-panel problems: Essense Skin DetoxForever Young Q10 TherapyHydrafine CleanserHydrafine MoisturiserHydrafine Night CreamHydrafine FreshenerOptiFlora

Veins: Forever Young Revitalising CreamForever Young Q10 Therapy

White heads: Essense Skin DetoxEssense Liquid Skin NutritionOptiDermEnzymatic Exfoliator

Wrinkles: Forever Young Bo-SerumForever Young Revitalising CreamForever Young Q10 TherapyForever Young Youth Restoring MasqueOptiDerm;  Forever Young Eye Therapy;  Enzymatic Exfoliator

“These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

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