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Join our exclusive world of where you can  create life-changing opportunities!

• Help others look and feel great & see results with the products
• Have fun while earning a significant income
• Be recognised and rewarded for your efforts
• Earn 20 – 40% discount on your personal sales
• Enjoy Flexi-time to suit your lifestyle
• Opportunity to develop a successful career and a business with a value
• Work from the comfort of your own home
• Spend quality time with your family
• Determine your own hours
• Decide on your monthly income
• Become financially independent
• Earn what you are worth and for the time put in.
• Earn money for those extra little things
• Own your own successful business? Without having to invest any money.
• Meet new people
• Be in a position to pay for your child’s studies, or purchase your dream holiday home
• Be part of an exciting, stimulating and successful company
• Improve your lifestyle
• Travel to exciting foreign locations
• Convert your time into money to benefit your family

Most Common Questions and Answers

The beauty here is that you are in business for yourself… but not by yourself. You enjoy the support of professionals and the vast resources provided by our Home Office. As a consultant you can take advantage of the following benefits:  Have fun while earning a significant income o Earn 20 – 40% discount on your personal sales o Earn additional discount on group sales  Be recognized and rewarded for your efforts  Qualify for free trips to exotic destinations and much more  Gain motivation and support tools, as well as access tips and guidelines to build a successful business  Live a life others only dream about  
There are no joining or registration fees, nor are there any starter kits. You just need to rally your family and friends together, get an order together and place that order. We become consultants to make money not to spend money
As soon as you have decided to join, let us at Rooibos-Miracle know and we will assist you step by step with all the product info, tips, tricks & advice, support & motivation, advertising & marketing material – that you will need to get that first order together. on Sample Description
Is there only 1 hair salon, nail salon, Dr, Dentist, car dealership, clothing shop, grocery store, etc in your town? We are 3 consultants in our street and there are another 2 in our complex AND we live less than a kilometre away from an Annique store. In Pretoria alone, there are way over 800 consultants and they would not all still be consultants if it wasn’t financially feasible for them.
Annique has more than 220 products across 17 different ranges. Only 7 of these ranges are skin care products, that means there are 10 other ranges that you can sell to your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc. Annique is a HEALTH & BEAUTY brand – not just Beauty, and I can almost guarantee you that once your clients start using any of the Annique products they will want to use all of them. 
Annique has a number of ranges that no other brand in South Africa stocks – you will definitely have products to sell that no-one else is selling.
Not at all. Pyramid Scheme’s are illegal and Annique would not be celebrating their 50th birthday in 2020 if this were the case. Pyramid schemes ask you to invest money with the promise of a return on your investment. Annique is a Multilevel marketing company which means that you earn money off your network without having to invest any cash.
It is very unlikely that if you follow our empowerment program that you won't be able to put an order together - but if this really is the case then we just delete your registration form - there are no penalties or anything of that sort.
Annique Health & Beauty is a South African industry leader that creates health and beauty products containing the healing ingredient of Rooibos extract. Our products are formulated locally taking our South African climate, diet, lifestyle, ethnicity, & skin type into consideration. We are not reliant on international imports as all our products are manufactured locally too.
Annique Health and Beauty was established in 1971 by Dr Annique Theron. During this time, Dr Theron, a housewife with four children, the youngest suffering from severe allergies, discovered the unique, yet powerful healing benefits of Rooibos. Dr Theron warmed her baby daughter’s milk with Rooibos that was brewing on the stove and was astonished by the soothing, calming and healing effect it had on her baby. Alone in her quest, Dr Theron investigated the tea’s healing potential and soon found hundreds of mothers with babies experiencing similar health problems varying from food allergies and insomnia to colic. She helped them overcome these challenges and documented her journey in her book: “Allergies: An Amazing Discovery”. Since then, Annique Health and Beauty has helped countless people improve their health, wellness and beauty with products based on this miraculous herb that only grows in the Western Cape. The Annique business today is an innovative direct selling company with a world-class product range. Our main focus is on developing and igniting people’s potential by creating life-changing opportunities.
Ongoing international and local research done over the past 50 years has shown time and time again that Rooibos Extract contains the following healing properties: anti-inflammatory anti-allergic anti-spasmodic anti-viral anti-bacterial anti-ageing contains a huge amount of anti-oxidants caffeine-free and contains very low levels of tannin It has also been proven that Rooibos can prevent, alleviate and even cure CANCER< cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other illnesses and ailments. ALL Annique products contain high ratios and high-quality Rooibos Extract. No matter which one of our products you or your customer uses you will be benefiting from the healing properties of Rooibos.
You will be trained in various ways and supported in one or more of the following methods • Personal training • Online training • Email training • And you will be added to an awesome (and successful) team of ladies who will walk the road with you step by step. • Your sponsor and upliners are always willing and wanting to assist you in any way they possibly can.
Absolutely. The majority of ladies and gents in our team currently have a full time job and a family and home to tend to and sell Annique part time. There are many who have managed to build their Annique to the point where they were able to resign from their full time job and now do Annique full time - but to start off with we ask only for an hour a day and then you decide how big or small you would like your Annique business to be.
Believe it or not – neither am I. Firstly, the products sell themselves,. Once a client has tried our products they will refer everyone they know to you and that is how your clientele base will grow. The tools, tips & tricks we give you makes selling the product easy and the skills you will learn as a consultant will turn you into a confident and passionate Annique consultant making is so easy to buy from you, PLUS there are 11 different ways you can earn money from Annique – not only through sales.
Once you have registered and placed your first order, you will be supplied with a unique consultant number. You will use this to order from the main Annique online portal, We will assist you in showing you step by step how to do this, Before you can be officially registered as a consultant you need to place one order of any amount; but remember, we help you with all the tools that you need to get this first order together. 
Annique makes use of Skynet, Paxi, Aramax and FastWay to deliver your parcels. If you live in a main center your parcel can be couriered to your front door for R60, if you don’t live in a main center then door to door will cost R110 BUT you can also have your parcel delivered to your closest PEP Store for only R50. If your order is over a certain amount then Annique will carry the costs of the courier for you.
If you choose the door to door option then orders are normally delivered within 24 hours and 3 days - if you live in a remote part of the country it may take a little longer. PEP order may take a few days extra but should be delivered within a week. Once your order has been processed you will receive a tracking number which you can then trace online
You pay for your order when you place the order. You will pay via the online portal and are given the option to pay either via credit card, debit card or instant EFT. MyGate and UPay – both are safe and secure online payment platforms. Annique has recently introduced PayFlex which allows you to pay off your order over 4 weeks.
You will be sent links to .pdf downloads of the monthly specials booklet; You will receive weekly newsletters and sms’s from Annique Home Office. As a team we also have a number of support platforms available where we post not only the specials booklet, but advertising and marketing material as well. This months specials booklet can be downloaded here:
There are no monthly minimum orders or targets that have to be met. All that is required is a minimum of one R600 order in a 5 month rolling period.
Between 20% and 40% depending on how much you sell in a month – this is excluding the many other ways that you can earn money as an Annique consultant. These 11 different ways of earning will be explained to you once you start with the empowerment program. The earning potential of Annique is truly phenomenal with very many consultants earning way more than they ever earned working full time in the corporate world. With hard work, determination and the willingness to learn you can start climbing the ladder to success from the day you join - and within no time be earning an income that you currently can probably only dream off.
Annique is all about giving. There are SO many competitions and incentives on the go ALL the time with the most fantastic prizes to be won Including overseas trips, cars, products, ....... the list goes on and on In our team alone there are over R4000 worth of rewards given away EVERY month..
Once you have made this fantastic life-changing decision, click HERE
At the end of November 2015, I was invited to a “pamper morning”. I arrived to a beautifully set table, each with our own set of exciting and interesting goodies, followed by a real pamper – what a pleasant surprise, - certainly not the usual sitting around listening to a product presentation. After winning 4 of the 5 lucky draws during the morning, many jokes followed about this being a sign that I should sign up as a consultant. After much persuasion, I thought “what the heck I have nothing to lose” and left with the signed registration form in hand. In the weeks that followed I was overcome with fear and trepidation along the lines “what have I done and how am I going to do this!?” Well, here I am today – loving every minute of what I do. I’ve made new friends, gained self-confidence, learnt invaluable lessons, obtained a wealth of information and grown passionate about a product that I truly believe in. This is affirmed by the continuous testimonials I receive from my customers and fellow team members surrounding the benefits of these products, and the positive changes made to their lives. I no longer get up at the crack of dawn and rush around getting myself and 4 children ready - then sit in the traffic on my way to a job I hated and a boss I didn’t get along with. Earning a pathetic salary and receiving a minuscule increase every year irrespective of the amount of work I put in. I no longer keep an eye on the clock counting down the hours until I can again sit in the traffic coming back home. Invariably then arrived home with a headache, in a foul mood and impatiently trying to help my children with their homework & tasks while feeling guilty that I missed their afternoon activities. After rushing supper and prayers the children are finally in bed and I collapse into my bed only to start the same routine tomorrow again. Today I spend invaluable time with my family, friends and children – I schedule my working hours around them, I earn a great income, I am continuously recognised and rewarded for my hard work (I have won two cars, 3 overseas incentive trips and many many other awesome rewards.), and the best part of it all is that it is so much easier that I thought it would be – and I love love love what  I do.

Let Rooibos-Miracle be your Annique Sponsor … and together we can make things happen …


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