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pigmentationOur skin color is determined by pigments called melanin that are produced by specialized cells (melanocytes) of the skin. There are more than 150 genes that affect skin color either directly or indirectly. So there is really nothing much you can do about the natural pigmentation of your skin.

What Causes Skin Pigmentation Disorders?Sometimes, the melanin production goes awry; either too little or too much melanin is produced causing skin pigmentation disorders. These conditions make the skin appear lighter or darker than normal, or blotchy and discolored. Too much melanin causes hyperpigmentation and too little melanin results in hypopigmentation.

The root cause is generally attributed to internal factors such as hormones endothelial cells, or biological conditions such as pregnancy.

External factors such as
ultraviolet radiation,
burning, or
contact with certain chemicals may sometimes cause pigmentation disorders.
Stress and dietary imbalances, the precursors of many disorders, are also known to cause skin pigmentation disorders.
Sunlight worsens the condition, so use sunscreen at all times.

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